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Practice Suggestions for Learning How to Play in Compound Meter

The most common compound meter is 6/8 time. The introductory rhythms in this lesson correspond to the rhythms in patterns 1211 through 1214. They represent the possible note combinations for one beat in compound meter using note values of an eighth note, quarter note, dotted quarter note, and their equivalent rests.

Practice the patterns in Lesson 12 with an eighth note beat, and then practice the Lesson 14 patterns with a dotted quarter note beat to feel the difference between simple meter and compound meter. When playing the patterns in compound meter, tap your foot only on beats one and two, while counting “one-k-d-two-k-d.”

Use accurate repetition in practicing patterns 1401 through 1414 and you will learn and recognize all of the possible combinations, improving your rhythm and your sight-reading.

Start out with a triple subdivision metronome, and always count the subdivisions: “one-k-d-two-k-d.” When you are very comfortable playing in compound meter with the triple subdivision metronome, use a single clicking metronome.

For more practice tips and suggestions, visit the Practice page.

Practice Pattern Table of ContentsPractice Pattern Table of Contents

IntroductionLesson 14 Introduction - learn about compound meter

Practice Pattern Table of Contents Lesson 14 Practice Patterns Table of Contents



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