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Helpful links to more music education tools

www.FundamentalsOfMusic.com A website that teaches the fundamentals of music, including sound, rhythm, melody, harmony, and form.

www.music-paper.com Free blank staff paper with several different staff sizes and number of staves per page.
Also, instruction on how to draw music symbols clearly and accurately.

Practice tools and online metronomes:
Simple clicking metronome
Sleigh bell metronome
Talking metronomes that speak the beat
Subdividing metronomes
Metronomes in different meters
Turn your mp3 player into a metronome

Music tools
www.Soundation.com - An awesome online digital audio workstation with built-in software synths and the ability to record audio and midi.

www.bulletproofmusician.com - A great music performance blog

More sites related to the author:
Publications by Kyle Coughlin
Kyle Coughlin’s website

Clarinet resources:
TheClarinet.net - scale sheets, free clarinet, and educational tools to help you become a better clarinetist
Clarinet Space - loads of educational tools with scale sheets, pitch name games, and much more
Clarinet fingering charts - the easiest to use and understand clarinet fingering charts on the web.

Get the Book

The Fundamentals of Rhythm, book by Kyle Coughlin

Fundamentals of Rhythm book

If you would like all of this information in book format so that you can put it on your music stand and practice it wherever you go, get The Fundamentals of Rhythm, by Kyle Coughlin. The book includes all of the lesson information and practice exercises found on the website.


Use MetronomeBot for a fun online metronome!

MetronomeBot, the talking online metronome

The online metronome that counts the beat, subdivides, and offers encouraging practice tips.

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