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Practice Suggestions for Learning How to Play in Odd Meters of 5/8 and 7/8 Time Signatures

In the audio examples in this lesson, the metronome clicks coincide with the beat subdivisions of the measures. For example, the rhythm in Pattern 2001 is grouped in 2 + 3 beats per measure, so the metronome clicks will sound as follows: high low high low low.

Odd meters can be very challenging, and rhythmic patterns that look simple can be pretty confusing once we start playing them. It will be very helpful to focus on one measure at a time and repeat it frequently with a metronome.

Start practicing each pattern by counting the beats without clapping or playing. It takes a lot of accurate repetition to internalize the groupings of beats in odd meter. Once you are very comfortable counting the beat groupings (or subdivisions of the measure), you should begin clapping and counting, too.

Read the Lesson 19 practice suggestions for more ideas on how to play in odd meters.

For more practice tips and suggestions, visit the Practice page.

Introduction Lesson 20 Introduction - learn about odd meter time signatures of 5/8 and 7/8

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