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RhythmBot is made out of several different drum and percussion instruments: congas, cymbals, wood blocks, cow bells, a snare drum, a bass drum, and other bells and percussion. You can learn more about him at his website and even play his different instruments.

RhythmBot plays all rhythm patterns accurately

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Fundamentals of Rhythm Pattern Recordings

Follow a link below to listen to the audio recordings of each pattern in The Fundamentals of Rhythm.

Lesson 1 Patterns - Quarter Notes and Quarter Rests
Lesson 2 Patterns - Ties, Half Notes, Dotted Half Notes, Whole Notes, and Rests
Lesson 3 Patterns - Ties Over Measure Lines and Syncopation
Lesson 4 Patterns - Eighth Notes and Eighth Rests
Lesson 5 Patterns - Dotted Quarter Notes
Lesson 6 Patterns - Pickup Notes
Lesson 7 Patterns - Syncopated Subdivisions
Lesson 8 Patterns - Sixteenth Notes
Lesson 9 Patterns - Sixteenth Note Groupings and Dotted Eighth Notes
Lesson 10 Patterns - Sixteenth Rests
Lesson 11 Patterns - Cut Time
Lesson 12 Patterns - Time Signatures with the Eighth Note Equal to One Beat
Lesson 13 Patterns - Subdivided Eighth Note Beats
Lesson 14 Patterns - Compound Meter
Lesson 15 Patterns - Compound Meter with Sixteenth Notes and Rests
Lesson 16 Patterns - Triplets
Lesson 17 Patterns - Double Dotted Notes
Lesson 18 Patterns - Other Time Signatures: 3/2 and 6/4
Lesson 19 Patterns - Odd Meter
Lesson 20 Patterns - Odd Meters with the Eighth Note Equal to One Beat
Lesson 21 Patterns - Shorter Note Values
Lesson 22 Patterns - Tuplets

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